I ❤️ Merino Wool

A year and a half ago, Catie and I went on a trip to Europe. It was our first time out of the country together and we were determined to pack light… 20 pounds of luggage for 15 days. That meant only one pair of shoes and re-wearing as much as possible, like socks.


We read a lot of travel blogs and Rick Steves' Travel Forum and heard a lot about the moisture wicking and antimicrobial (stink fighting) properties of Merino wool socks. Sounded great! Less stink meant less sock laundry in the hotel sink.

Of course, I can't buy just any Merino wool socks. First I have to put the word "best" in front and Google it. Very sophisticated, I know.

Ultimately, my research led me to Darn Tough brand socks. They're:

  • made in Vermont
  • guaranteed for life
  • available in lots of styles

We were traveling in May so thick wool hiking socks sounded not-so-comfortable. Luckily, there are plenty of lightweight options and I landed on these little beauties:

Darn Tough Ultra Light No Show Tab Sock

I bought two pairs: black and white so I could alternate easily. They were great and believe it or not, I hardly needed to wash them at all! We walked everywhere; over 10 miles everyday. These socks were up to the challenge and they kept me cool all along the way.

After returning to the states, I was hooked. I had to get more. I now have five pairs of Darn Tough socks and I wear them everyday.

They'll ruin cotton socks for you.


So I've been raving about Merino wool socks and buying them as gifts for a year and a half now. And then last week, one of those little "sponsored posts" scrolled into my Facebook feed. It was for… Merino wool shoes!

They're the Wool Runners made by Allbirds and they're beautiful.

Allbirds Wool Runners

Mine were just delivered today and I love them.

Unboxing the Wool Runners

Yes, those are Darn Tough socks in there.

The first thing I noticed was how light they are. And when I went to try them on, the cardboard was still in there. They're even lighter!

On top of that, they're the most comfortable shoes I've ever tried on. I've only been wearing them for a few hours now, but I'm sold!

They only come in black and gray right now, but once they introduce some new colors, I'll probably grab another pair.

My feet love Merino wool.


Nobody paid me to review Darn Tough or Allbirds. I just really like them. But if anybody wants to send some money my way, you know where to find me and I won't stop you!

More about Darn Tough:

More about Allbirds:

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